Newsletter No. 9 — April 2009


As with everything, it’s taken a lot longer than I had anticipated, but if ever you want to ward off Alzheimers’s disease, try working with html! There are still a few tweaks required, but overall it’s finally up and running.

  • New look.
  • More user friendly.
  • Featuring the new edition of Quest: with introduction by me, foreword by Henry Miller, first letter Miller wrote to Dibbern, photos.
  • Most importantly, for both Dark Sun and Quest, set up for secure payment with credit card or via your PayPal account if you have one.
  • For those who prefer not to use a credit card on line, I still take personal cheques in CAD or US dollars.

Shortly after the printing of the new Quest in November 2008, there was some good publicity in the way of radio interviews, article in BC Bookworld (scanning and posting to the site is on the agenda), a special feature by Alan Twigg, the publisher of BC Bookworld, on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest, “Turning up the Volumes”. Scroll down to Dec 13, 2008. Then came the Christmas Holidays, preparation of the new web site, and the needs of my 93 year old Mum who recently underwent surgery to remove an eye that had been non-functional for ~18 years. She’s doing amazingly well, by the way.

Now I must again turn my attention back to promoting and marketing—and selling—the boxes of books taking up space in my new “sewing” room.

Erika G.