Articles by Erika Grundmann

Articles, etc by others

  • All at Sea with a Man of No Land — by Robert Messenger, Canberra Times 2 Tuesday December 27, 2005
  • Man Adrift — BC BookWorld Vol. 22, No. 4, Winter 2008-2009, pp. 5-6
  • Törn nach Utopia — by Anette Selg, mare #91 April/Mai 2012
  • My Hand, my Friend, Aloha — by Anette Selg. One hour radio feature (in German), broadcast 3 February 2013 on SWR-2. The manuscript itself can also be downloaded. Slick and well done. It is really interesting to hear the voices of Dr Frauke Dibbern Ploog (Dibbern’s only surviving German daughter) and of Doe von Fritsch. [Unfortunately not a single reference to Dark Sun, my years of research — the substantial findings of which I made freely available to Ms. Selg — and my role in the Dibbern story was not included by the radio SWR-2. E.G.]