RockRead Press

After two failed attempts with regular publishers, I decided that, in order to meet my expectations and vision of how I wanted the new Quest to look, I would have to publish it myself. The name for a press came easily, as I had often thought of what I would call my own publishing enterprise should I ever be so daft as to self-publish.

At the lake on our island is a large rocky area with one section in particular that lends itself to swimmers congregating and stunning out in the radiant warmth of “The Rock.” Sometimes it’s blissfully quiet, other times the place is a-buzz with the squeals of laughter of kids splashing in the water, of babies crying, young mothers exchanging child-rearing experiences, summer people being welcomed with exuberance by the locals. If a book can hold my attention in the midst of all the activity or keep me awake when there is no sound but the lapping of water I consider it a great “rock read.”

The mission of RockRead Press is to produce just such books. The first reprint edition of Quest by George Dibbern is the initial (and may well be the only!) book published by RockRead Press, but it definitely fills the criteria of a “rock read.”

RockRead Press
PO Box 227
Mansons Landing BC V0P 1K0